New Sound Technology Helps TDIndustries Prevent Equipment Failure

Customer Testimonial From CS3
June 21, 2016

On the list of disasters a building manager is most afraid of, AC going out in the middle of August ranks extremely high. But it happens fairly often—HVAC equipment breaks down under the heavy load of a summer afternoon, and TDPartners rush in and work long hours to get the equipment back online.

But a new technology first adopted by Partners in Fort Worth has clients and Partner alike thrilled with the prospect of preventing those midsummer disasters. An exclusive agreement for Sound Technology (ST) is adding a new tool to technicians’ toolboxes, one that uses sound to evaluate the health of any metal component in any piece of equipment.

The way it works is simple: a technician places the listening cone on a bearing or a motor winding with the tool, and the tool records the sound—including high frequency sounds that the human ear can’t hear.  The sound is then compared to a database of sounds recorded for similar parts at similar ages to determine if sound falls within a healthy range. If it’s nearing the unhealthy range, technicians can suggest a replacement before the part is likely to fail.

Partners immediately saw the value of the technology when it saved thousands of dollars on its very first project. An experienced technician found what he thought was a motor failure on a rooftop HVAC machine, which would have cost $2,000 to replace. But when the technician used the diagnostics sound technology he realized the failure was in a $100 bearing instead.

Tom Brimer, Jr., Business Development Manager, spearheaded the expansion of the technology in TD service groups and since May 2016 has rolled it out to about a third of our clients. “They have all had nothing but raving feedback,” Tom said. “They are really excited for the planning side of it because it can predict failures.”


Published originally by TDIndustries in TDIndustries: TDSpirit – Fall/Winter 2016