Most HVAC service companies have solid 20th century resources in place, but are struggling to find qualified technicians, provide high-tech tools & training and develop 21st century career path options for their most valuable resources.


  • Lack of skilled trade workers in the industry
  • Attracting and retaining qualified technicians
  • Defining career paths for junior and senior technicians
  • Insufficient training programs for new hires


Discovery Sound Technology (DST) has created The Discovery Platform™ (DP), a comprehensive cloud based service platform for mechanical contractors, HVAC service providers and large self-performing organizations. This platform provides game-changing and patent-protected solutions that allow HVAC service companies to leverage new hires to higher levels of productivity faster while providing valuable HVAC training.

RESULTS with The Discovery Platform™

As a result of the patented platform being implemented through lower cost entry-level maintenance technicians, licensed partners free up their more experienced technicians to perform higher skilled work, generate more revenue and spend quality service delivery time with high priority customers.