Most HVAC service companies have solid 20th century HVAC service models in place, but are struggling due to a lack of automated technology, 21st century work flows and productive time & labor utilization.


  • Declining workforce productivity and performance
  • Routine tasks are manual and time intensive
  • Allocating qualified technicians for high-value delivery
  • Training and career path for junior and senior technicians


Discovery Sound Technology (DST) has created The Discovery Platform™ (DP). The DP enables junior technicians to perform routine tasks and diagnose HVAC equipment problems. In the DP model, senior technicians are leveraged to more complex repairs and/or replacements for improved productivity.

RESULTS with The Discovery Platform™

DST’s Discovery Platform™ delivers repeatable, documented and consistent process improvements that lead to operational excellence. DST’s licensed Partners begin experiencing many additional benefits including increased profitability, technician loyalty and advanced career path options for junior and senior technicians.