Discovery Sound Patent Received

Release of Proven Cloud-Based Diagnostic and Analytics Platform for HVAC Service Providers
April 20, 2015
Customer Testimonial From CS3
June 21, 2016

Discovery Sound Technology, LLC (“DST”), the groundbreaking services technology leader, has received a patent for its revolutionary system and method for industrial equipment diagnostics. The first cloud-based service delivery platform, known as The Discovery PlatformTM, locally collects sound data from industrial equipment to determine if corrective action or preventative measures are needed for the equipment. Nashville-based DST launched in 2009 as a business solutions company focused on the “trades,” especially in the area of HVAC service. They have created and patented the industry’s most sensitive diagnostics platform that many thought was not possible.

“The DST Discovery Platform is revolutionizing a very traditional yet critical industry with not only technology tools, but with structured processes, a data-driven approach and predictive analytics that will forever alter service provider business models and end-customer service expectations,” John Jenkins, CEO of DST

The DST-patented platform offers technology advancements that are pioneering — not only for the HVAC service industry — but for self-performing organizations that employ their own internal maintenance teams. DST’s technology is emerging to become the new standard for 21st Century HVAC Technicians. The technology is able to “hear” and “see” exactly what is going on inside industrial equipment with their patented technology — and their service partners have proven the technology works. The platform will change the way many industries work as service companies are now able to move from reactive repair and replacement to proactive predictive maintenance.

DST’s verified technology offers expertise — once only available through senior level technicians — available now through a global analytics database with thousands of individual, digitized HVAC sound signatures that keep growing in number every day. The platform has provided a 30-60% increase in senior technician availability, 25-60% reduction in HVAC maintenance time required and significant reductions in overtime requirements and surprise failures. This patented technology has also delivered increased profits, customer retention and service and sales opportunities. Receiving US Patent No. 9,223,299 for DST’s innovative technology is not only a huge step forward for the HVAC industry, but also for all whom maintain or service industrial equipment.

“The DST system is outstanding! I’ve been waiting for something like this for over 25 years.” Mike Gross, Director of Sales & Services at CS3 in Memphis, TN

The patented platform includes a handheld data collection device, back-end software and simple accessories allowing less-skilled technicians to more efficiently analyze and predict common equipment failures before they happen. The Discovery PlatformTM offers digital data diagnostics, mobile connectivity, cloud analytics, web-enabled dashboards, and collaborative decision-making all into the most comprehensive, field-proven system in the industry. The digital ultrasound sensors allow technicians to capture audio recordings of HVAC equipment components at predetermined locations throughout the system. The audio recordings are digitized and then compared to a constantly expanding proprietary database.

We’re partnering with service leaders across the US, enabling them to rewrite their workflows and lower their costs to serve while improving the value for customers. The profitability improvements our licensed partners are seeing are incredibly impressive.

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