The Discovery Platform

Who It Benefits

DST is leading the HVAC industry into a new 21st century service model.  Our approach keeps things simple while establishing a process and workflow that compliments the efforts of our service Partners and customers.  We are passionate about providing the most complete HVAC service delivery platform available in our industry today.

Benefits for customers utilizing DST and the Discovery Platform™

  • Higher quality HVAC Service Maintenance Delivery
  • More predictable equipment lifecycles
  • Added life to equipment
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Reduce or Eliminate unplanned outages
  • Timely and Actionable reporting information
  • Transparency of PM Service Delivery
  • Validation of repairs/replacements
  • Better HVAC management decisions
  • Lower risk of operations
  • Improved HVAC Operating Budgets

Benefits for our Partners utilizing DST and the Discovery Platform™

  • Reduce Cost of Service Delivery

  • Improved Customer Satisfaction

  • Differentiation in the HVAC Service Market

  • Bridge the Skilled Trade Gap

  • Attract and Retain the best and brightest technicians

  • Better utilization of technician skill levels

  • Expedited New Hire Training Tools

  • Define Career Path for Junior Technicians

  • Improved Productivity of Senior Technicians

  • Career Path Options for Senior Technicians

  • Stored Data for trending and reporting

  • Service Sales and Marketing Tool

  • Customer Retention Strategy

Benefits for junior technicians utilizing DST and the Discovery Platform™

  • Recruiting and Retention plan for new hires

  • Career Path Options for entry level technicians

  • Training tools for accelerated learning

  • Productivity tools for PM and service

  • Technology path for HVAC millennials

Benefits for senior technicians utilizing DST and the Discovery Platform™

  • Retention plan for experienced workforce

  • Career Path Options for technicians considering retirement 

  • Training tools for imparting knowledge and experiences

  • Productivity tool for service repair and replacements

  • Technology path for continued workforce development

Our simple approach benefits service customers, service providers and service technicians