The Discovery Platform

What It Is

The Discovery Platform™ (DP) is the application of scientific ultrasound for predictive maintenance and troubleshooting that revolutionizes the use of equipment SoundSignature™ in the HVAC industry. The DP provides an affordable platform of tools and technology for non-contact, data collection that is accurate and repeatable.  The comprehensive platform combines this technology with the industry’s most accurate cloud-based analytics platform to deliver cost savings in time, labor and in the lifecycles of HVAC equipment. 

The Discovery Platform™ uses patented SoundSignature™ digital sound processing science to gather and analyze HVAC equipment data for predictive maintenance, real-time diagnostics and advanced analytics.

The Discovery Platform™ is designed specifically for the HVAC industry and is available through a customized Partner program.

The Discovery Platform™

  • is a new way of providing HVAC preventive maintenance. Instead of traditional checklists of tasks, DP adds technology to enable a better workflow for the technician. 
  • is designed to capture and analyze data from electrical, mechanical, pneumatics, and hydraulic equipment.
  • is a combination of industry best-practice workflows coupled with patented data collection, analysis, and communications technology.
  • is a sophisticated learning system, one that grows “smarter” over time as the technician interacts with it.
  • is an extension of a human’s senses — adds additional “hearing” and “touch” to help make better decisions on mechanical and electrical equipment.
  • is the simplest, most repeatable, most accurate, non-contact ultrasound data collection device available in the HVAC industry.
  • is the only patented ultrasound device and analytics platform available.
  • is a comprehensive set of cloud based software applications to manage your complete list of properties & equipment. 
  • is a single place for everyone to access the most current information about a property & its equipment.
  • is a flexible solution that grows each day — new types of equipment, new best practices, new statistically driven analytics, new real-world problems solved.
  • is specifically focused on the HVAC industry, it’s work flows, its demands for quality/cost/delivery, its equipment, and its value drivers.
  • is 6 years of cumulative knowledge and experience on actual HVAC equipment gathered by HVAC technicians and analyzed by experienced HVAC experts.

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