Customer Testimonial From CS3

Discovery Sound Patent Received
June 20, 2016
New Sound Technology Helps TDIndustries Prevent Equipment Failure
December 27, 2016

The DST Discovery Platform has been truly transformative for our mechanical service division at CS3, Inc. DST’s unique technology has allowed us to leverage outstanding and even game-changing benefits in both our service technician ranks and our customer base.

Service techs and customers alike appreciate the inherit integrity of the program. Proof of performance is dramatically demonstrated via web-enabled “dashboards” with real-time technician posting. Finally in our industry, both customers and service management have assurance that contractual commitments are being fulfilled to the letter.

The data captured, trended and analyzed for each unit of equipment in a DST “inspection” help customers reduce the cost of owning and operating facilities through enabling not only “predictive repairs” but “smarter” capital decisions.

At CS3, we believe DST has given us a tremendous increase in our ability to serve and add value to our customer’s operations. We will continue to participate in and help build the DST Dealer Network across the country for like-minded service providers. Today we are on the “cutting edge” but there is NO DOUBT the most exciting developments in the DST Discovery Platform are still to come!

Information provided by:

John Jerkins, CEO of CS3 and Mike GrossDirector; Sales & Services